About These Learning Resources

These KS1 and KS2 learning resources are inspired by the new heritage walking route that has been installed through the centre of Great Malvern as part of the Route to the Hills project. The route celebrates Malvern and its rich history, taking you from Great Malvern Railway Station up to Rose Bank Gardens and sharing some of its stories through written and graphic interpretation.

Developed with the support of local teachers, young people and partners, these packs provide engaging and creative ideas to complement the project, adopting a cross curriculum approach to learning. The resources are to be used in the classroom to help teachers explore different aspects of Malvern history mentioned on the route with pupils. Each resource can be a stand-alone project or be used together as a longer ongoing project to create an exhibition that can be displayed at school or another local venue.

A boy examining some Malvern stonesThe six resources are organised into the following themes:

  • Theme One: Malvern a special place, the evidence around us
  • Theme Two: Creative Malvern
  • Theme Three: The Water Cure
  • Theme Four: Natural Malvern
  • Theme Five: Scienti c Malvern
  • Theme Six: Creating an Exhibition.

The resources are designed to be flexible for classroom teaching and to support young people wishing to achieve Arts Award or a Crest Award.

The format of the resource for each theme is as follows:

  • A. Session Aims, links and Resources (Curriculum Links and links to CREST and ARTS Award)
  • B. Background Information
  • C. Session Structures
  • D. Themed trails and other ideas.

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