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Theme 1 – Malvern a Special Place the Evidence Around Us

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Cover photo
P3 Church
P4 Priory Gatehouse
P6 Station
P8 Church
P10 Priory Gatehouse
P11 Establishment
P12 Photo of Unicorn
P27 x3 photos of Great Malvern Priory
P28 Station
P28 3x Priory

Malvern Library
P6 Painting
P8 Print of church
P10 Painting
P11 Print
P12 Photo of Unicorn
P14 Donkey postcard
P17 Festival Postcard
P18 Photo
P19 Photo and description
P20 Postcard
P23 Prints x2
P24 Painting

Malvern Museum

P21 cartoons
P21 postcard

Theme 2 – Creative Malvern

Edward Elgar x2 images – Google images with no restriction on useage.

Theme 3 – The Water Cure

Malvern Museum
P3,P4, P5, P6, P7 Water Cure cartoons
P8 Donkey images

Theme 4 – Natural Malvern

All images courtesy of Malvern Hills Trust

Theme 5 – Scientific Malvern

Copyright © Nigel Hooton All Rights Reserved
Cover photo